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Void Acoustics Installation

03. 12. 15

We are the UK's Biggest Void Acoustics Dealer & Install Company

Void Acoustics Biggest UK Dealer & Installer

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At The Audio Group we are proud to be the most prolific and well known Void Acoustics Dealers & Installers,

We have installed and sold more Void Acoustic speakers to clients then any other dealer within the UK. There are many reasons for this including our customer service, knowledge of Void Acoustic products, over 25 Years of knowledge in the audio and entertainment market!

Being officially Void Acoustics biggest dealer in the UK obviously brings us some quality clients and installs that have earmarked not only Void Acoustics success but ours as well…

We have installed Void Acoustics into many venues these include,

Void Acoustic installation at Studio 338 in London, Including 10 X Void Airmotions, 2 X Void Nexus 6, 9 X Void 218, 6 X Void Stasys Xair, 4 X Void Indigo 6, 4 X Void Venu 6, 4 X Void Venu 10 2 X Void Void Cyclone 55 as well as other installation of other peripheral speakers around the venue for the light lounge and fills. For the main terrace DJ box we installed two Void AirMotion with a separate 218 Sub! Not forgetting the eight Void Acoustics Stasys 4 for for monitor wedges for bands and PA’s!


Void acoustics installation at Raffles Chelsea in London, Including 4 x custom Void Acoustics Axys speakers, Void Cyclone 10, Void Cyclone 55, Custom Void Trinity X 21 and DJ monitors were Void Cyclone 10 and Void Venu 115 Bass enclosure!


Void acoustics installation at Roka London, Including a world first installation of Voids brand new AirVantage speakers along with 8 x Stasys 218 and 8 x Cyclone 10 with Void Indios for the smoking and outside area. All in white! Add too this the 4 Void Acoustics Basys Wedge monitors for when they have live acts and PA’s!


Void Acoustics installation at Mode Notting Hill London

Void Acoustic installation at World Headquarters Newcastle

We have also temporally installed and hired to a number of festivals including Cream Fields, Colours Scotland, Riverside Festival, EH1 Festival.

We also try and give the best price and service for all Void Acoustic Installations we do! So dont get caught out!

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