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The Haunt London – Void Acoustics Install

22. 11. 15

Void Acoustics Install at The Haunt Stoke Newington

Void Acoustics Install at The Haunt Stoke Newington

Stoke Newingtons Best Sounding Venue

This week we also signed the deal for another exciting new project in London called HAUNT. The project see’s us with the opportunity to finally work with the multi-talented Alex Brookes.

Alex has a history of working within a number of successful organisations within the late night entertainment industry from club based operations through to food. So to win a project with Alex and his new venture Counterculture is truly rewarding.

This project sees all those experiences being put to good use, as the venue will put its own spin on the industry, offering high quality food in a restaurant on the ground floor with small but meaty Void Acoustics Indigo system to set the tone and mood for the antics down stairs in the basement, which sees a further Void acoustics using Airten, Cyclone 10 and Products from the Venue series. The basement will cater for an eclectic mix of electronic live performances with record label launches already booked, and live DJ sets from tech house to minimal fidget.

Haunt London launches

This exciting little new venue has been just been launched, and we can’t wait for the ripples in the market. We were asked to get involved in the early stages of the development by Alex Brookes of Countercultural, he earlier the better always works best for us and also give the client the best possible results and potential saving’s. Alex because of his experience fully understand that by getting your suppliers involved in a project at the outset not only give them a form of ownership of the concept but also help countercultural get maximum added value to the space.

The audio system has been designed by Paul Adamson using products from the Void Acoustics Air Cyclone and Indigo series. The tiny (but uber cool) basement club space has Void Acoustics Airten Cyclone 10, and a number of (one of our favourite little sub’s) Venue X. On the ground we chose to work with Void Acoustics Indigo and further subs from the Venue series. The system is run from the Void Acoustics Bias series of amplifiers. The Bias VQ with its high output over 4 channels and with its built DSP, is perfect for providing dynamic headroom with the added flexibility of controllability Via Armonia software.

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