Void Tri Motion


  • Visually striking appearance for style-led environments
  • Triangular format waveguides for better pattern control
  • Fibreglass Kevlar composite construction
  • Standard red finish, optional custom colours
  • Integrated flying and mounting system
  • Optional floor stand or flying bracket
  • Internal electronic control prevents overdriving



Building on the success of the iconic Air Motion, which has become a staple of the modern dance scene and whose acoustic and visual philosophy has been adopted all around the world, the smaller and even more daring three-way bi-amped Tri Motion extends those principles further, allowing an even larger audience to bathe in the Void experience.

Tri Motion design owes its existence to the call for even higher SPLs and more diversified looks, and the rethink on form has also allowed for a wider horizontal dispersion with asymmetrical vertical pattern control, giving even more coverage and reducing early reflections from ceilings to provide higher fidelity. Tri Motion’s extra horsepower has been made possible by implementing a larger transducer for the lower frequencies and more efficient mid-hi sections with greater power handling. A 15” low frequency driver covers the frequency range up to 500Hz, allowing more SPL and a lower crossover point into the bass range. The mid section features a super efficient horn loaded 8” driver with a high compression ratio and asymmetric loading for pattern control, whilst the high frequency section makes use of a 1.5″ compression driver with diffraction slot loading to provide wide and even coverage in the horizontal plane.

Tri Motion can be flown using the proprietary integral flying and mounting system, or by means of an optional floor or subwoofer mounted ground support system, forming a completely stable and correctly angled audio point source. Two rear-mounted Neutrik speakON™ NL4 connectors provide input and link through connections. The Fibreglass Kevlar composite structure is finished in Void red, although as with other Air Series enclosures Tri Motion is available in a wide range of custom colours to match specific décor demands. For the larger venue requiring cutting edge performance married with art gallery aesthetics, Tri Motion is the only answer. Its creation stems from years of pushing both sonic and creative frontiers from the company that leads the market in stunning visual design.