Void Nexus 6


  • Visually striking appearance for style-led environments
  • Virtual Arc technology forms common acoustic centre
  • Unified dispersion, phase and timing
  • 20 discrete proprietary drive units
  • Stack mounted or proprietary flying system
  • Fibreglass Kevlar composite construction
  • Standard red finish, optional custom colours
  • Smooth cellulose finish


Aimed at the larger venue, the radical styling of the Nexus 6 is born from the innovative internal layout of its 20 transducers. The multi-way Nexus 6 consists of no less than 12 6.5″ low frequency drivers and eight 1″ high frequency compression drivers housed in a sculpted fibreglass enclosure that can be ground stacked on subwoofers, or flown independently using the optional proprietary Void flying system.

Virtual Arc technology is implemented on every component to form a common acoustic centre, or virtual point source, that exists rearwards of the array. This approach overcomes all the disadvantages that compromise a traditional array of multiple sound sources emitting from different locations. Dispersion, phase, coherency and timing are all controlled and unified due to the common acoustic feed point and multi-channel access. Virtual Arc technology ensures that the same experience is experienced by all that are in the throw of the Nexus 6, wherever they are, due to its wide and controlled dispersion. Total summation of all the components in each passband can also take place within the Nexus 6, allowing for much higher efficiency, greater output and improved reliability due to reduced component stress.

The Nexus 6 offers excellent value for money when compared to the array of enclosures normally required to achieve the same dispersion. Whether placed on sub frequency enclosures to form a dance stack or flown independently, the Nexus 6 brings the performance and styling of the future to the here and now.