Void Acoustics Venu X


  • Compact and unobtrusive appearance
  • 2 x 12″ low frequency drivers
  • Recessed connector panel
  • Textured polyurethane finish, optional custom colours
  • Weather-resistant perforated steel grille



The Venu Bass is a double 12″ compact subwoofer that has been designed to offer everything you could ask for from an installed sub frequency loudspeaker. The entire Venu series has been created from the demands of many leading installation contractors and engineers around the world. Our question was simple: tell us the exact requirements that would enable us to design the ultimate installation series of loudspeakers. In response to those requirements, the Venu series was born.

The Venu X so convenient to install and use. It features two super tough 12” transducers with high excursion 4” voice coils, Phoenix connectors with link outs for super quick and reliable hook ups, a recessed rear connector panel that allows the enclosure to be placed against a rear wall, weather-resistant grille and fittings suitable for beach bar and other corrosive environments, and an enclosure made entirely from 15mm multi laminate birch plywood.

Add to this the evocative Void sound from its new range of custom designed components and it’s clear that Venu is the ultimate installation series.