Void Acoustics Stasys X V2

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  • Driver Configuration 2 x 18
  • Frequency Response 30Hz – 180Hz
  • Maximum Output 142dB
  • Power Handling 3200 w
  • Weight 130 kg
  • Depth 896 mm
  • Height 554 mm
  • Width 1218 mm
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Stasys X sets a new standard in the performance possible from a double 18” low frequency enclosure. It has been used on tours, in live venues, and in world-class night venues all around the world since its introduction 5 years ago. But the time has come to move on and use the latest technologies to advance and refine the design further. This is no mean feat as the first version was very well received and phenomenally successful form a sales point of view.

So what has changed and what are the improvements with the new Stasys X V2?

A total rearrangement of the internal resonant chambers has improved the cooling to the extent that no external heatsinks are required, which has also led to a significant decrease in power compression. The systems transient response, phase response and overall timing capabilities have also been vastly improved by the new internal chamber layout. This has led to a more uniform response in relation to distance and greater behavioral predictability when arrayed.

The Stasys X V2 uses the latest cone materials keeping the moving mass low enough to allow optimum transfer efficiency to take place, whilst providing the structural rigidity to maintain form at all times. This advancement has also meant the transducers mechanical parameters are ideally matched to the enclosures internal loading requirements, which has lowered the f3 point and improved the attack characteristics.

The Stasys X V2 also features new truck pack friendly dimensions and universal location receptors that allow interlocking and matting with adjacent enclosures regardless of their orientation.

Cover not included!