Void Acoustics Stasys Phil


Probably the most versatile loudspeaker you could ever have in your arsenal, the latest addition to the Stasys series sets new standards in extra high output, fullrange sound reinforcement.


Primarily designed as a side or drum fill for larger setups, Stasys Phil is equally at home at FOH driven fullrange in smaller venues. Other applications include large scale FOH when used as a mid top with suitable LF enclosures and as a monitor for keyboard or percussion players.


Dance events can also make use of Phil’s versatility. A pair used as DJ monitors, could surpass the output and quality requirements of the most demanding top level DJ’s. Mobile jocks can also build scalable FOH systems without the need for further LF enclosures due to the extended 45Hz low frequency response of Stasys Phil.


With its ability to tackle any application in its stride, most would agree that if you were ever stranded on a desert island and could only take one type of loudspeaker with you, Stasys Phil would be the one you grab first.