Void Acoustics Stasys 3


  • Modular trapezoidal point source element
  • Waveforming eliminates phase cancellation
  • Well-controlled 45°H x 35°V dispersion
  • 12″ low frequency driver
  • 6.5″ mid frequency driver
  • 1″ high frequency compression driver
  • Proprietary Aero track flying system
  • 18mm birch plywood construction



The Stasys 3 mk2 is a three way switchable tri-amp / bi-amp mid high concert touring enclosure designed to give system operators a quick and simple solution to large scale sound reinforcement. It consists of a 12″ low frequency driver, 6.5″ mid frequency driver and a 1″ high frequency compression driver in a trapezoidal 18mm birch plywood enclosure equipped with multiple point flyware, allowing efficient system setup and accurate arraying.


At the heart of the Stasys 3 design is the Waveformer. Sound waves enter the horn at varying distances from the transducer via the centrally mounted Waveformer. The distance depends on the frequency and also the radiation pattern of the transducer. New types of transducers were developed that emit different frequencies from different locations around their radiation surface. All these locations are then channeled to the Waveformer and emitted at a precise distance down the horn.


The benefits of Waveforming are enormous. All frequencies reach the mouth at exactly the same time so phase cancellation is virtually eliminated. This provides an extremely flat and uniform response with a very wide bandwidth available from each band. The 45° horizontal by 35° vertical dispersion characteristics are radically improved due to the Waveformer’s refraction grid, which reduces high frequency beaming by a significant amount. The mk2 version also incorporates a two way passive / three way active selector, further enhancing setup flexibility.