Void Acoustics Live Drive V2

Void Acoustics Live Drive V2 Hire

6-in 8-out loudspeaker management system


The Livedrive V2 is a fully featured 6-in 8-out loudspeaker management system featuring audiophile grade 24 bit A/D & D/A converters. Mixed mode architecture has also been implemented on the Livedrive V2 with the latest 64 bit processors powering each device. The combination of 64 bit processors and the highest grade converters has allowed for an unsurpassed bandwidth spanning from 5Hz to 45kHz with mastering studio levels of definition.

Up to eight outputs can be derived from either or a sum of the six inputs via matrix mixing. This allows any input to be mixed at any level to any output. There are six inputs, of which A, B, C and D are analogue, while the remaining two inputs are Digital AES/EBU and can accept any clock speed all the way up to 192kHz. All of the inputs and outputs feature high pass and low pass filters that can be set anywhere between 20Hz and 20kHz. A choice of Bessel, Butterworth, or Linkwitz-Riley filter types is available. The transparent sounding output limiters feature predictive attack with adjustable threshold and release to provide maximum protection to loudspeaker drive units, whilst a fully adjustable studio grade compressor can be applied to each input channel for even greater control. All input and output channels feature 10 bands of EQ with -12dB to +12dB of gain, and a full range of filter types including bell, notch, allpass, high shelf or low shelf. Each EQ can also be bypassed, allowing for instant comparison.

The Livedrive V2 can be connected to a PC via USB or its Ethernet connection for full external control via the supplied Live Link software. Each Livedrive can also be assigned its own IP address allowing multiple units to work on a network. A choice of 5 languages can be displayed for front panel editing.

– See more at: http://www.voidacoustics.com/docs/products/Livedrive_V2.shtml#horizontalTab-Top1

  • Audiophile 24 bit A/D and D/A converters
    Six inputs and eight outputs
    Analogue and digital AES/EBU inputs
    Bessel, Butterworth or Linkwitz-Riley filter types
    Adjustable studio grade compressors
    USB or ethernet PC connection
    External control via Live Link software