Void Acoustics Incubus Hyperfold

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  • Depth 1218 (mm) 47.9
  • Driver Configuration 4 x 15
  • Frequency Response 60 Hz – 190 Hz
  • Height 738 (mm) 29.0
  • Maximum Output 148 dB
  • Power Handling 4000w
  • Weight 11 5 (kg) 253.5 lbs
  • Width 738 (mm) 29.0
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If the Incubus Sub provides the pulse, Hyperfold is the blood that runs though the entire system. Without it there is no system, no urge to connect with the greater whole, or to become part of the dance.

A high percentage of the urge to dance comes from the upper bass frequencies. It’s where the kick and finer details of the bass are found. The need for speed and articulation in this critical region calls upon a dedicated enclosure designed with one purpose in mind. Enter the Hyperfold 4 x 15” upper bass enclosure. Quite simply the mother of all kick cabs.

Hyperfold’s design has taken many years to conceive and implement. New technologies that have only just arrived have allowed it to exist, because size for size it contains the largest amount of drivers and hence displacement per volume. And it needs all that displacement to keep up with the efficiency of all the other elements that go into making the Incubus System.

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