Void Acoustics Incubus Air Array

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  • Depth 813 (mm) 32.0
  • Driver Configuration 4 x 12 : 4 x 3 CD : 6 x 1 CD
  • Frequency Response 90 Hz – 26 kHz
  • Height 1240 (mm) 48.8
  • Maximum Output 149dB
  • Power Handling LF 3600w, MF 1000w, HF 480w
  • Weight 144.8 (kg) 319 lbs
  • Width 944 (mm) 37.1
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Air Array is the mid hi element of the Incubus Club System and unites many ground breaking technologies to deliver the best high level, hi fidelity sound you will ever experience. Its radical looks are not just for show as its form has taken shape from the need to correctly fuse all its sections together to form a coherent radiation pattern over its stated dispersion angles. Line source behavioral conditions have been met by all sections, allowing both frequency and power shading to be utilised within a single enclosure. Such techniques enable SPL’s in the near field to be attenuated and matched with those at greater distances, whilst HF absorption can be corrected with linear frequency shading. By employing a line source configuration, Air Array is the only mid hi enclosure that can provide constant SPL’s at all distances with all frequencies arriving at the same time wherever you are within its coverage pattern.

The HF section use’s six esoteric compression drivers with 1” throat wave guides that are positioned on a physical arc to provide a virtual common feed point. This reduces all forms of destructive interference and maintains an even frequency response within every degree of the stated coverage angles. Path length compensation devices housed within the wave guides marry with the extended upper response of the compression drivers allowing the HF to extend all the way up to 26kHz.

The low mid section consists of two hyperbolic horns fed from a split manifold driven by four very hi power 12” transducers. Each transducer also features a heat sink cooling system to reinforce reliability and reduce power compression levels. All this combines to produce insane output levels with the highest levels of definition imaginable.

Four devices that use a newly developed 3” exit compression driver handle the midrange frequencies. These devices are driven by a massive 6” diaphragm to comfortably reproduce frequencies down to 500Hz. Path length compensation devices have been applied to the wave guides to seamlessly combine their outputs eliminating all destructive interference and to ensure constant output within the stated coverage angles.

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