Void Acoustics Impulse 3t


  • Configuration 1 x 12 : 1 x 6.5 : 1 x 1
  • Power RMS LF 500 w : MHF 300 w
  • Peak output 131dB
  • Frequency response 60Hz – 21kHz


Optimised for medium to near field applications, the Impulse 3t has similar qualities to the Stasys 3 but in a smaller format. The enclosure incorporates a multi point flying system and trapezoidal shape, both essential for quick setups and accurate arraying. The Impulse series has become a favourite with small to medium size touring companies, AV production companies, and other users who appreciate that its compact dimensions and very high output make good use of limited truck space.  Many theatres and stages are also benefiting from the Impulse 3t, as its unobtrusive stature and natural sound reproduction are ideal qualities for such use.


The versatile cabinet design features a rotatable mid horn assembly allowing the desired dispersion to be maintained when mounted either horizontally or vertically. All Impulse series enclosures come complete with padded road covers, while a series of optional accessories allow for versatile rigging and portability. As with other members of the Impulse series, i-versions are available without handles or rigging hardware upon request.