Void Acoustics Axsys L2


  • Birch plywood / aluminium composite enclosure
  • 18″ low frequency driver
  • Smooth polyurethane finish
  • Optional custom colours
  • Powerdrive type 100 flyplate



Uniting leading-edge aesthetics with the latest in advanced transducer technology the Xsys L2 subwoofer features tremendous power output with a pure sonic quality that is as aurally attractive as its enclosure is visually compelling. Targeted towards modern entertainment and leisure facilities, the Xsys L2 is the ideal companion to the Xsys 12 and Xsys 15 full range systems. It features a very high power 18″ cone transducer with a 4″ voice coil, providing highly accurate transient response and intense output power, especially given the plywood / aluminium composite enclosure’s deceptively small size.

A multi-cavity design was developed to further preserve the transients and maintain the system’s high overall efficiency. Two Neutrik speakON™ NL4 connectors provide input and link through connections, and as with all Xsys series cabinets, custom colours are available to complete the smooth polyurethane finish.

The Xsys L2 excels at delivering gripping and dramatic low frequency content that keeps music lovers and dance club patrons coming back for more.