Void Acoustics Arcline 6

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  • Driver Configuration 4 x 6.5 neo 3 x 1 neo
  • Frequency Response 60Hz – 21kHz
  • Maximum Output 132dB
  • Power Handling 800 w
  • Weight 28.2 kg
  • Depth 355 mm
  • Height 395 mm
  • Width 538 mm
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The main design considerations behind the Arcline 6 were versatility and ease of use. Portability and a sophisticated rigging system that requires no specialized knowledge by the user were also high on the list.

In order to avoid the use of multiple enclosures, yet ensure a wide enough horizontal coverage pattern, the Arcline 6 was conceived with a 120 degree dispersion in the horizontal plane. This dramatically improves the perceived sound qual i t y and definition, as well as reducing setup time by eliminating the need to hang multiple columns to achieve the needed angle of coverage.

Placing all the components on a virtual arc with a true 120 degree dispersion has resulted in a highly-uniform polar pattern that allows all of the audience members to experience a similar sound quality.

Traditional HF spacing and path length compensation among line source enclosures has almost always meant a compromise in HF performance; thus a new design of waveguide has been employed for the Arcline 6. The new waveguide and common virtual feed point allows a flat response up to 21 kHz, even when coupled with multiple enclosures. The ability of the Arcline 6 to form a true cylindrical wavefront when used in multiples is key to its exceptionally smooth transition from near-field to far-field coverage.