Void Acoustics Arcline 15

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  • Driver Configuration 2 x 15″ neo : 3 x 1″ neo
  • Frequency Response 60 Hz – 21 kHz -3dB points
  • Maximum Output 131 dB cont, 136 dB peak
  • Power Handling LF : 1400 watts RMS, HF : 240 watts RMS
  • Weight 45.5 (Kg) 100.3 lbs net
  • Depth 350 (mm) 13.8″
  • Height 448 (mm) 17.6″
  • Width 988 (mm) 39.3″
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The highly versatile Arcline 15 is a fullrange line array enclosure that has been designed with both the touring and installation markets in mind. Its compact dimensions with extended vertical dispersion, wide frequency response and very high output make it a totally unique loudspeaker.

Installation Mode:

With a 25 degree vertical and 120 degree wide dispersion, the Arcline 15 can happily be used in singles and without sub enclosures for many applications including pubs, bars, smaller live venues and clubs. Venues with low ceilings are also a prime candidate for the Arcline 15, its small vertical dimension and controlled dispersion are perfect for such rooms. For the larger live venue, club or theatre, the use of multiple Arcline 15’s with sub enclosures provides a very compact yet high output solution.

Touring Mode:

By adding the touring bumper bar, the Arcline 15 becomes a fully-fledged line source array capable of tackling outside concerts, festival stages, dance events and larger conference productions. Any number of enclosures can be used depending on the output and coverage required. Many smaller events such as acoustic stages etc can use an Arcline 15 array fullrange and will not need the addition of sub enclosures. By adding subs to an array the possible appplications are only limited by your imagination.