ShowCad Lighting Control

Showcad DMX Controller Hire

Comes With Dongle & Laptop

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After nine years of continuous development the most powerful lighting control software on the planet just gets better and better.

Massive LED Arrays Made Easy

64,000+ DMX output channels (128 universes) to control a potential 20,000+ RGB fixtures
Full two dimensional matrixing across all DMX universes
Fully variable colour pattern generators for a huge number of automated looks
Real time video to DMX sampling from video files or live video input
Moving Light Magic

Hundreds of fixture control templates for moving lights and colour changers from 50+ manufacturers
Fully variable effects generators for a huge number of automated colour, beam, focus and movement sequences
Full macro programming of multiple fixture colour, beam, focus and movement parameters
Comprehensive Control

RS232/422 output for video sources, switches etc.
RS232 input for system control
SMPTE/EBU time code synchronisation
Full and accurate MIDI message input/output capability
MIDI time code synchronisation
External audio triggers with adjustable filters
Sync to audio files off disc
Real time clock with Global 365 day calendar function
DMX in/out over USB and Ethernet (PathPort protocol)
Radio and IR remote control
Remote control over local network and internet

Exceptional Ease of Use

Full compliment of ‘Wizards’ to guide rig and channel set-up procedures
Complete ‘snagging’ toolset to find and adjust errant channels or fixtures
Built-in templates for MIDI keyboards and control panels
Situation-specific operator user interface screens