Matrix XT7000MF Amplifier

Matrix XT7000MF 2500W / 3500W Amplifier


Developed by Andy Hunt to offer more output power than previously offered in a class AB package, the best quality audio we offer is now available with loads more punch. The XT7000MF is the largest of the MF range of three amps, outputting 3500 watts of great sounding class AB sound per channel from its 9.0kg chassis.

Our customers are all using the XT7000MF with high powered double bass bins ( or pairs of single bins per channel ) with the quality of sound that they are used to experiencing from tweeters and mid ranged boxes now coming from the bottom end of their systems. If you are planning a system using the latest high powered transducers currently available then the XT7000MF is for you.

The specially developed 12 kVa switched mode power supply ensures that plenty of power is available for the output stage to faithfully reproduce every transient in your original source material.

Twin dual speed temperature controlled 80mm long-life fans draw air through the front, exhausting heat from the rear of the rack. An internal fan and additional heatsinks ensure the amp runs day and night, even when driven hard.

The amplifier has fully balanced Neutrik XLR inputs, with linked Neutrik XLR outputs, Neutrik SpeakonĀ® NL4 output sockets and is connected to the mains by a fused 32A Powercon inlet.