Logic Systems Ethos CA10


Ethos CA10 is an ultra compact fixed angle array enclosure. With horizontal coverage of 90° and vertical coverage of 10°, the cabinet contains an 8” Neodymium cone driver which is passively combined with two wave-guide mounted 1” Neodymium compression drivers. With a cabinet impedance of 16 ohms a multi cabinet system can be driven from a single amplifier channel.

System control is provided by the Logic Systems DP2140 or DP2160 controllers. Each box has a central connection point which enables cabinets to be quickly and easily joined together with a link bar and Ball Lok pin.

Applications for Ethos CA10 include A/V presentation, church, theatre, discotheque installation or as a side hang for the bigger brother Ethos VA. Ethos CA10 can be used for vocal reproduction without the need for bass support, or combined with the Nd115 or Nd215 bass cabinets, when bass support is required. Ethos CA10 is the ultimate flexible product, it can be pole mounted, ground stacked, or combined into a flown array.

The bass options can be used as the basis of a ground stack, or flown above CA10 in an array. It is intended that Ethos CA cabinets will be used in a minimum configuration of two cabinets.