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Roka Nightclub Sound And Lighting Install

28. 11. 15

Roka - Full Sound & Lighting Install By The Audio Group

Roka Nightclub Sound & Lighting Install


We started work on another extreme sound system and lighting project in East London and this will be something rather special, as it will be the world’s first fixed installation utilising one of the latest offerings from Void Acoustics Air Vantage .

The 4 x Air Vantage will be split over 2 floors each being supported by 4 x Stasys 218 for bass reinforcement, along with multiple peripheral speakers on each floor, Cyclone 10, Cyclone 55 and Indigo Pro. As we wanted to utilise new product the design was a collaborative one between Paul Adamson and Mike Newman from Void Acoustics.

Paul Adamson “ we strive to be the first to market with products as we like to lead and not follow what others are doing. As this was the first Air Vantage installation we wanted to ensure that it was the right product for the job and Mike’s input was invaluable as usual. The expectations for this space where high to say the least, as the owners already have one of the world’s largest Void Acoustics Systems on the Planet at Studio 338 in London.


We also supplied and installed all the lighting, Lasers and effects. The bulk of the equipment coming from Chauvet with Rogue R1 Washes, Beams and Profiles, DS1800 and Laser Beam Bars from Laser World.

The lighting was designed by Sam Hunwicke who has brought the space to life with careful choice and placement of the fixtures. Phil Sykes of The Audio Group, said it is a pleasure to work with Sam, his attention to detail and understanding of how a space will look and feel is exceptional.

We have numerous lighting projects on the drawing board at the moment and Sam’s design skills will be testing my engineering abilities. But I am looking forward to the challenges as this is why I joined The Audio Group, to change the industry and create trend setting spaces, not recreate them that seems to be the norm.

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