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Raffles Chelsea – Void Acoustics Install

02. 11. 15

Raffles Chelsea - New Void Acoustics Install

Raffles Chelsea Nightclub Sound Install


The last three months have been the most hectic in the company history. We started with a two day window to start and finish a new sound installation at the world famous Raffles member only Club in Chelsea. The club is steeped in history as London’s second oldest member’s only night club and recently they celebrated their 50th anniversary.

There new sound system was designed by Paul Adamson utilising specially commissioned custom product from Void Acoustics for the Chelsea venue. The system consists of a dance floor section of the club with a number a small intimate areas and a bar. The system design needed careful thought and with a consideration and understanding of how people will use these spaces socially during the course of an evening. It also needed to be able to cope with multiple music sources and styles. There is also a level of flexibility built into the system which allows them to be able to utilise the space in a number of different ways.

At the heart of the systems flexibility is the latest offerings in amplification from Void Acoustics with it’s built in DSP and Armonia software offering complete control over any given channel, giving precise control of the attached loudspeaker.

The loudspeaker of choice for the venue was the Void Acoustics as it has such a varied and visually exciting product range. The main dance floor uses 4 x custom Axys speakers with Cyclone 10 and Cyclone 55 on peripherals. The bass support is provided by custom Trinity x 21” bass enclosures. The DJ monitoring system is again Cyclone 10 with a Void Acoustics Venue 115 to add the weight to the bottom end.


Raffles named after the colonial mogul Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles has a long and vibrant history. founded in 1967 by Peter Evans, an established restauranteur who was accredited with bringing steak houses to London, its Kings Road location was the stamping ground of the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Vivienne Westwood.

The club has numbered amongst its former members Royalty, Politicians, celebrities and several generations of established families and has welcomed everyone from Princess Margaret, Earl Snowdon and Lichfield, the world-renowned American singer Barbara Streisand to the Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

In the early 70’s the club continued to enjoy the patronage of the highest levels of English society and on one occasion the Queen herself attended, together with Prince Charles and Princess Anne, for the 21st birthday party of the grandson of the Earl of Mountbatten.

Previously described as “a darkened , noisome centre of nightlife for the better-heeled Chelsea folk” the club has always provided a combination of services, from drinks to food to dancing but dinner ceased to be served in the 1980’s and has over recent years been best known for its dancing and drinks offering.

Members enjoy the club for its exclusivity and luxury, as well as its music, which lies at the core of the club and Raffles attracts some of the best acts and DJs in the world. Under the watchful eye of the club’s management the club will be celebrating nearly half a century of existence.

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